Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn is an American brand of hotels, and a subsidiary of InterContinental Hotels Group. Founded as a U.S. motel chain, it has grown to be one of the world’s largest hotel chains, with 1,145 active hotels as of September 30, 2016

Lifts are designed according to the colorful interior of the hotel located in Paris.

Equiped with the latest technology of touch screen and indoor advertisement monitors in each lift.

Glass lifts are break proof and electric equipment are made of recycling materials as of ECO friendly.

Lift type

  • Speed : 0.5M/S -1.5M/S
  • Load : 630-2400kg
  • 5 SYNERGY lifts
  • 2 GENTEC

Special features

  • Glass interior
  • Advertisement Monitors
  • Touch screen Calling panel
  • High Speed 1.5M/S for low rise building
  • Card Access System