RMI Milling Machine

Prismatec Lifts starts introducing the new stable technology Metal Cutter for precise and exact designs of its cabins and metal work for its elevators and escalators .

The INNSE BERARDI is belonging to the CAMOZZI Group Machine Type Atlas 3 RMI.

ATLAS 3R -Serial No. PO2KO1
Here we offer 1 of 2 Portal Milling Machines additional with extra charge together wir 3-fold FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System)
dimensions Table size 3.500 x 10.000 mm

Table dimensions 3.500 x 10.000 mm
Table loading capacity 90.000 kg

Ram and spindle
Power 100 kW max. nominal torque 9000 Nm
Width of ram 550×550 mm (Z)
Width of cross-rail 1550 mm (Y)
C axis is build-in the ram rotating-around Z axis indexing 4 positions x 90° (0-360°)


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