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*Please note that the response via email maybe take up to 48hours , however , if you have an urgent issue please feel free to contact our live support line on 0049 (0) 162 9218370 or the Emergency service line which is mentioned in your lift agreement provided to your building security officer.

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    Germany (East Berlin)

    PRISMATEC gmbh
    Kiehlufer 1, 12059 Berlin, Germany
    Email : de.info@prisma-tec.com
    Tel: 0049 (0) 176 42232 729

    Germany (West Berlin)

    PRISMATEC gmbh
    Erlenstraße 21 ,12167 Berlin, Germany
    Email: de.info@prisma-tec.com
    Tel: 0049 (0) 162 9218370


    Ritupes iela 32-6
    LV-1019, Riga, Latvia
    Email: info@prisma-tec.com
    Tel: 00371 (2) 206162 5


    Camino Cerro de los Gamos, 1, Madrid, Spain
    Email: esp.info@prisma-tec.com
    Tel: 0034 (0)3 7955 843


    Karm rahal str12 , Alfoad business center 3rd floor
    Beirut , Lebanon
    Email : lb.info@prisma-tec.com
    Tel: 00961 (7) 086 5619

    Saudi Arabia

    Alqatif Business Center
    Riyadh Rd, Ash Shati 12
    Al Qatif 32617, kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    Email: ksa.info@dukascopy.com
    Tel: 00966 (13) 855 6512


    If you are a supplier agent please use this gate to access your back office and the documentation:

    See how we ``Make it perfect``

    Meeting with client and get his list of needs and hear his idea and we put it on white sheet of paper as old fashion tailor do.

    We share the ideas with our engineers and architect department and start evaluating his project capacity and needs and his ideas to give final product matching his needs and design ideas with our technology and ideas.

    Sharing with client and agree on terms and points and sharing results of our research, and signing the deal.

    Starting the delivery of client desired end product.

    Service & Support

    Design and Planning

    • People Flow consultation, energy consumption calculations, building traffic analysis and planning
    • Planning and specification with easy to use tools for CAD drawings and BIM
    • Elevator interior design with PrismaTec Design collection and tools

    Construction and elevator

    • Professional project management and clearly defined site requirements
    • Proven, efficient and safe installation methods
    • Elevators for construction time use

    Building operation

    • A maintenance contract tailored to your needs
    • Equipment assessment and asset management planning
    • Modernization solutions for the whole lifecycle of your building