Our Story

A major name in elevators since the 1956s, PRISMATEC® has built a reputation for creating breakthroughs that make getting around more comfortable, safe, and even inspiring. Take our Synergy1000 lift model, for example. It’s not only fun to ride, but has opened up entirely new possibilities in New Residential Objects space design. Its development required years of dedicated effort to overcome the immense physical, technical and mechanical challenges involved. Then there’s our super high-speed elevator, the culmination of decades of engineering experience and precision craftsmanship. It provides an ultra-fast, reliable riding experience with imperceptible vibration and noise. And there’s artificial intelligence technology that “learns” a building’s traffic patterns to deliver a more responsive service. PRISMATEC® is dedicated to creating better point-to-point transport experiences for all.

We’re also Partnership with Mitsubishi systems for Escalator and Moving walks.

The Three Corporate Principles – Responsibility to client; safety and kindness ; and Understanding our clients – have served as Prismatec core philosophy since the company’s inception, inspiring us to continually improve the way we address our economic, environmental, and social responsibilities around the world.

We also learn from our competitors and we believe that competition is a must in every business , without competition their will be no development .

Thus we always try to learn and compete and develop our self’s at first , we also ride lifts when we go back to our home and when we go to work or shopping , so we understand what the travelers needs.







These three principles are our client priority.

In 2010 we start using recent technology of CNC Cutting systems for our design and our Cabins and metal graving and drawings , this puts us on the top list of luxury lift designs group based in Bruxels.

Making us one of the few companies who provide luxury designes in acceptable costs and making us big compititors to other global suppliers such as Schindler and Otis Manufactures.