• Geared machine lift with smooth and noisless ride with smart regulation rollmann for zero vibration and comfortable ride experience
  • Energy saving : with the FUJI inverter technology this type reduces the energy consumption upto 50% from traditional lift systems in the market.
  • Varaity of interior designs to fit the building architect
  • Come with license for ECO Green friendly
  • EN 81-20/50 standards

Main specification


0.50-1 m/min


up to 720kg

Floor Serving

up to 20 floor/stops

Machine Room



Half/Full Automatic



PS: these specification is based on standard package lift with EN 81 sold in European Market , it might be changed per the regional requirements ,please contact support or sales point at your region for detailed specification which is available for your region.


2017 EU Eco Energy

Synergy1000® lift model was born 7 years ago and already won the Energy saving certificate and reach the sales number of 350 unit worldwide.

Best lift design & features

We work hard to give the best lift design in term of cabin materials and equipment and accessories , to match building design and client needs.

61 Years of experience

More than 6 decades of dedicated hard work we are delivering high end product starting for small residential objects to big entertainment halls.

Service & Support

Design and Planning

  • People Flow consultation, energy consumption calculations, building traffic analysis and planning
  • Planning and specification with easy to use tools for CAD drawings and BIM
  • Elevator interior design with PrismaTec Design collection and tools

Construction and elevator

  • Professional project management and clearly defined site requirements
  • Proven, efficient and safe installation methods
  • Elevators for construction time use

Building operation

  • A maintenance contract tailored to your needs
  • Equipment assessment and asset management planning
  • Modernization solutions for the whole lifecycle of your building