Escalators & Moving Walks

We believe in Partnership and team player and Japan for us is main supplier for our electric lift products starting from switches , Contactors , Inverters and Plc units to the Big toys like Escalators , thus we have entered in partnership with FUJI Japan for escalators and Moving Walks.

Professional, Advanced and Intelligence
Energy Saving, Green and Environment Protection

On the basis of three concepts: “Visual Excellence”, “Enhanced Safety”, “Added Functionality”, a customer-friendly, simple-to-use escalator well harmonizes with your building property.

  • Advanced Multi-CPUs design, More protection, Safety and reliable.
  • Intelligence control system and bypass VVVF technology.
  • Advanced earthquake monitoring detector.
  • Can-bus manage and remote control.
  • Automatically hibermation and more energy save method.
  • Intelligent and Advanced traffic flux algorithm.
  • Comprehensive EMC design scheme, LED lighting technology.
  • LCD and TFT display that english and chinese to show its running.
  • Energy regeneration and energy feed back, saving 20% ~ 40% of power consumption.

PS: feel free to contact your regional PRISMATEC office if you would like to add Escalators to your Building ,we will be more than happy to advice you .

2017 EU Eco Energy

Synergy1000® lift model was born 7 years ago and already won the Energy saving certificate and reach the sales number of 350 unit worldwide.

Best lift design & features

We work hard to give the best lift design in term of cabin materials and equipment and accessories , to match building design and client needs.

61 Years of experience

More than 6 decades of dedicated hard work we are delivering high end product starting for small residential objects to big entertainment halls.