Existing Projects

Basically Lift is unlike any other Car , if its quality lift and from well-known supplier it could last at least 100 years ,however it has Machine and other usable daily equipments like push buttons and electrical wires that age by time, thus it need restoration also in the 21st century we have annually new technology and new features that enhance the lift and improves the quality of our journey in the lift by adding new features and technology.

Restoration includes everything from minor replacement of elevator interior items, to major component upgrades that improve operating performance or energy efficiency, all the way up to complete systems overhaul and replacement.


Is program for Restoration , client can request this option by filling the form from the local office of PRISMATEC which helps our engineers to evaluate the situation and provide exact estimation on the required Job which will be taken at the location.


  • To improve elevator efficiency and/or safety
  • To reduce unreasonably high energy costs or repair and maintenance costs
  • To change interior design

FULL Restoration

Elevators between 25 – 35 years old are refurbished by applying new technology to improve performance, increase useful life, and improve design to make them as good as new.

    Full replacement

    Completely remove existing elevator and install new model.

    Partial reuse

    Reduce installation cost and time by inspecting certain parts such as rails, buffers, and counter weights for reuse, if deemed to have no impact on safety.

    Expected impact

    Reduce repair and maintenance costs, improve operating efficiency, refresh building image, improve passenger experience, and reduce electricity requirements.

    Operations downtime

    15 – 60 days (may vary by model)

    Please contact your PRISMATEC ® regional office for detailed quotation , estimation and advice on your existing lift.


    2017 EU Eco Energy

    Synergy1000® lift model was born 7 years ago and already won the Energy saving certificate and reach the sales number of 350 unit worldwide.

    Best lift design & features

    We work hard to give the best lift design in term of cabin materials and equipment and accessories , to match building design and client needs.

    61 Years of experience

    More than 6 decades of dedicated hard work we are delivering high end product starting for small residential objects to big entertainment halls.