Al-Amiri Hospital

The Amiri Hospital is a general hospital located in the Kuwait City and it serves an estimated 400,000 patients per year. The hospital was built in 1949 to be the first government owned hospital. Before that there was only the US missionary hospital and small clinics run by doctors in their own houses. The current main building of Amiri Hospital is located on the Arabian Gulf Street, overlooking the Persian Gulf. It comprises ten floors and a basement.

The new hospital has 3 underground floors (surface of approx. 13.400 sq.m.) and 13 upper floors (surface of 8.500 sq.m. from ground floor to 6th floor and 6.000 sq.m. from 7th floor to 12th floor).
The Hospital is equipped by 11 lifts supplied by PRISMATEC and serviced by PRISMATEC and its building corporation partners .
The lifts was licensed and manufactured according to the US and EU Standard of hospitals requirements with high norms and standards such as EN81 and EN 81-72: 2015 and EN 81-20

As well as the materials was diagnosed by ECO Logical Materials , and well balanced composition of recycled materials and wires .

Lift type

  • Speed :0.5M/S -1.5 M/S
  • Load: 800-2500kg
  • 2 GENTEC
  • 4GENTEC 2
  • Two speed drive
  • VVVF Drive

Special features

  • Security Access Card
  • Medical Equipment:
    Oxegen supply– Heart Emergency equipments –
  • Remote Service Access
  • Wheel chair assistance
  • ECO Friendly Materials
  • Recycling Materials
  • Special Medical Lights in the cabin
  • Standards:
    EN81 and EN 81-72:
    2015 and EN 81-20