Embassy GORS

Latgale’s Embassy GORS (Eastern-Latvian Regional Multifunctional Center) is a cultural institution in Rezekne. It is the first high-quality acoustic concert hall in Latvia after the restoration of independence. The total area of ​​the building is 11,166 m2, it has six floors and no basement (excluding the orchestra pit and lifts). The main component of the multifunctional center is a large hall with 1,000 spectator seats, which can be converted, The initial cost of the project was 9.68 million. but after the commissioning, the total amount was 12.84 million lats.

The building has 5 lifts of Prismatec and installed by local Latvian lift company which was supplied by Prismatec.

Lift type

  • Load : 630 -2400 Kg
  • 3 Synergy Lifts
  • 1 Panoramic Lifts

Special features

  • Glass interior
  • Down Collective calling system
  • High Quality Saving Power Inverter
  • Standards:
    EN81 and EN 81-72:
    2015 and EN 81-20