Turkish embassy in Berlin

The Embassy of Turkey in Berlin groundbreaking took place in October 2010. The construction began in July 2011 and was completed in October 2012.

It cost EUR 30 million.

The embassy complex, designed by German architects Thomas Hillig and his colleagues Volkmar Nickol, Felipe Schmidt, consists of two blocks connected with an atrium. While one of the blocks is reserved for the ambassador’s office and reception areas.

On October 30, 2012, a new embassy building, constructed on the site of the destroyed building, The architecture of the building symbolises the situation of Turkey as a bridge between Asia and Europe.

Lift type

  • Speed : 0.75 -1 M/S
  • Load : 630 -2400 Kg
  • 4 Synergy LIFTS
  • 1 Panoramic Synergy

Special features

  • Security Access card
  • Glass interior
  • Down Collective calling system
  • High Quality Saving Power Inverter
  • FIRE Proof DOORS
  • Standards:
    EN81 and EN 81-72:
    2015 and EN 81-20