Since its founding PRISMATEC philosophy has been based on sustainable development and environmental values, aiming to deliver performance-driven, totally.

We want our customers to experience that PRISMATEC provides the best lift quality in the industry. Our quality is based on decades of development along with our suppliers, excellent service and delivery as well as superior products, which conform to all agreed requirements through the entire design, manufacturing, delivery and service.

One key element of our total quality approach is continuous improvement of all processes, products and environmental issues. This continuous improvement is part of our daily work. We believe that in this way we are building the basis for long-term success and sustained growth.

Our operation indicates well attended responsibility to environment. We plan our operations so that the production and application of the product is implemented with minimum energy and by using sustainable methods. We comply with environmental laws and regulations and are committed to be a responsible corporate citizen. Conservation of natural resources and efficient use of materials and energy as well as long product lifetime are essential to us.

We live up to these principles on a day-to-day basis. Commitment to quality and sustainable development is an attitude to be taken personally. Commitment to quality is continuously supported by PRISMATEC management.


The ISO9001 quality certificate and the ISO14001 environmental certificate and the EN81 and CE standards , TUV Certificates demonstrate that PRISMATEC meets the international standards and that our operations are regularly verified by 3rd party certification bodies like TUV institute.